Rialto Bible Baptist Church
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"Bridging sinners to Christ"
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Welcome to Rialto Bible Baptist Church
Rialto Bible Baptist Church was started in 2001 in the home of Pastor Jorge Castro.  We began with a dream to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the city of Rialto and that dream endures today. 

We live in an uncertain world, full of danger and unknowns, nevertheless the Bible has withstood the hammer and anvil of time and is relevent in today's society.

Come visit us this week, and together we can search the Scriptures and find the answers God has for us. Let's lift up the Lord Jesus Christ, for He is coming back!

Come to a place that still uses the Old Fashion Hymns, preaches from the Old Fashion Book, and takes Old Fashion Sinners!

Service Times:
Sunday - 11:00am